Credits - The folks who made this site happen

Posted on May 06, 2017

By Thomas Yung

These are the wonderful people behind this website. I apologize in advance if I left anyone out.


Rose Anderson

Service Designer. Attended our co-design workshops and hackathons. Contributed many ideas and techniques which we have brought to life.


Josef Chlachula

Programmer/Developer. Helped create our book lending library.


Jan Hagenbrock

Web/UI Designer. Stylesheet ninja. Helped to bring our magazine layout format to life.


Dana Palmer

Graphics Designer. Attended our co-design workshops, and created our winning logo design.


Lewis Roberts

Web Designer/Developer. Wordpress guru, and helped bring our magazine layout format to life.


Michelle Truxal

Graphics Designer. Attended our co-design workshops, and contributed many ideas that we have used as inspiration for the website.


Thomas Yung

UX/UI Designer, and Project Management. Organized the workshops and hackathon. Contributed many ideas, and turned the ideas into mockups, prototypes. Setup the WEB and DEV environment, and the Craft CMS backend. 


Paul Zellweger

Design Entrepreneur. Attended our co-design workshops. UX Design Matters is Paul's idea. We thank you for this awesome name.