UX Bookmarks: December 13 - 20, 2016

Posted on December 19, 2016

By Thomas Yung

Here are a list of useful design related resources, and articles to keep your mind busy this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Giving

Holiday Gift Ideas For Designers
Our own editor’s compiled list of gifts to get your fellow designers or yourself.

Wired - Style Guide For Gadgets and Gear
The ultimate list of interesting gifts for those who appreciate style.

22 Gifts That Will Give You Serious Design Cred
These are the presents you buy for someone with good taste (or to show off your even better taste).

is a thought-provoking team game to get you in the innovation mood. It’s perfect for product teams, design sprints, and brainstorming workshops, but anyone can play!


Design Thinking

You're Design Thinking Too Much
An interesting article about the subtle shift from design thinking to design doing.

Pair Design (FREE eBook from O’Reilly)
Learn how pairing two designers can help alleviate common quandaries like tunnel vision, produce better output faster, and result in happier designers. You'll learn best practices for pair design, and how organizations can support this technique.

Web Design

Resilient web design
A free web e-book by Jeremy Keith. Find out (at a high level) how to build future-proof progressive web apps that work no matter the limitations and conditions. True to its title, it even works offline.