UX Bookmarks: November 1 - 8, 2016

Posted on November 08, 2016

By Thomas Yung

Web and CSS

AtoZ CSS: Vertical-alignment in CSS
SitePoint continue their AtoZ of CSS with this screencast on vertical alignment.

CSS Round Display specifications
A good overview of the CSS Round Display specification, CSS for displays that are not rectangular.


Pulp - Responsive email templates in seconds
A nice layout builder for anyone who has to build HTML email.

CSS-Tricks - Fluid Width Video
If you ever had to embed video from sites such as YouTube or Vimeo into a responsive designed web site, you’ll want to read this.

Web performance matters. Convert any major image format into a highly optimized JPEG to cut load times. 

UX Research

Smaply - Online journey mapping tool
Learn how journey maps can help illuminate all aspects of a user’s experience.

Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping

Design Critiques: Encourage a Positive Culture to Improve Products
Open feedback is essential for a collaborative UX process. The right facilitation process can foster an efficient, honest feedback loop.

UX Prototyping

Sketch Tutorials
Sketch is every designer’s new favorite prototyping/mockup tool. Learn how to master it with this series of video tutorials.

Printable grids for mockups
Sneakpeekit is a set of printable grids for planning apps or websites. It offers a multipurpose precision grid with column marks, browser mockups with grids, and device mockups with grids to choose from.

Inclusive Design

WATCH: Designing For Disability
Playlist (10 TED talks)
Good design -- and smart technology -- should fuel inclusivity. These talks show how tech and design can empower.


Chinese language on the web
An in-depth article on Chinese text on the web. 

Are Chinese Websites Too Complex?
Chinese and Western users experience the same difficulties with complex sites, but Chinese tend to complain less about complexity and prefer fairly high information density.